Tips On How To Make Your Home Bigger Without Tearing Out The Walls

My daughter was taking a photography class and she needed shots of yard art. What we found was that there are beautiful yards everywhere no matter how large, or small or in between the size of the house is. As a professional organizer as I have gone into all sizes of houses to get rid of clutter I have noticed that how much stuff people have makes a big difference in their lives and in the livability of their home.

It is just as important to get rid of clutter whether you live in a large house or a small one. Here are 5 simple tips that will make getting rid of clutter as easy as pie.

1. Get rid of clutter – Clutter is things you don’t use, don’t like and don’t have a place to put them. It is also things that are not put back after it has been used. These things then become clutter magnets.

2. Look at the space you have and if it isn’t being used effectively come up with other solutions for the area. For instance an armoire can be used to store crafts, used as an entertainment center; it can be a complete office not to mention a place to store clothes.

3. Do you have unused corners where you could put a corner cupboard or corner bookshelf? Be careful when buying a corner cupboard that it is actually large enough to store what you intend to store there.

4. Purchase furniture that has dual functions. An ottoman traditionally is a place to rest your feet. There are attractive ones that can also be used for storage on the inside. They can store toys, magazines or an extra blanket.

5. Vertical storage is a place that is often overlooked. Install shelves on walls in the laundry room for detergents, bleaches and other laundry supplies. Hang a shelf near the front door and put a decorative basket on it to hold items you need to grab and take in the mornings or to hold mail, keys etc. In the garage use overhead storage racks for short or long term storage bins. This is a smart way to use otherwise wasted space.

It doesn’t matter what size your house is there is always a way to get rid of clutter and increase storage space where it is needed.

Get It Together Organizing is a dynamic organizing company providing both online and in home services. Professional Organizer Marilyn Bohn specializes in organizing for women and seniors who want the organized home of their dreams.

Get the Best Service From the Compatible LG Accessories

The mobile phones which are prepared by the LG Company are stylish, fashionable, and trendy, really overpowering in its function. The characteristics of the cell phones are dramatic. It can be used both for the entertainment reason and for the connectivity purpose. There are many handsets produced by the LG every handset is differing in their range.

The mobile phones which are produced these days have an enormous number of accessories. Apart from the enhancing the features of the mobile phones it also improve the beauty and the appearance of your handsets. The phones which are made up of LG batteries contain the lithium ions. They can be recharged easily and very light in its weight.

Apart from the LG batteries there are LG chargers, which are mainly used to charge the battery of your handsets. They are of two types one is car charger another one is usual wall charger. The wall charger is without any difficulty can be plugged into the socket. While the car chargers are plugged in the socket of the cigarette which are present in the car.

Another tremendous mobile phone trimming is the faceplate of this company. They are present in large number of colors, texture, glance and the magnitude. These faceplates are not the hurdle; in fact they provide the classy, trendy and the stylish look to your touchtone phones.

Stylus is the unique accessory which is commonly used to penetrate the data into the touch screens cell phones. Data cables are used by the youngsters in the huge way, through this they can transfer their any documents from the mobile to the computer or the vice versa. Belt clip is chiefly used to settle the touchtone phones in touch of the waist while driving. It tenders the great functionality and convenient for the users to use.

Camera and the music player are another useful and the remarkable accessories. Every handset has the diverse type of cameras, and the music player. There is a large memory space which will provide the users a great option to install their favorite music or any other songs in their lovable handsets. Snap-on-protectors are the other accessory which will help you to change the skin or the look of your cell phones. They are available in many colors such as pink, orange, yellow, white, emerald green and also have the lavishing picture of tiger, fish skull etc.

This is all about the accessories prepared by the LG Company, I hope after reading this article you will surely purchase the best trimmings for your handsets.

CAD Drafting Software and AutoCAD – Strange Writing on the Wall

~~~ About Autodesk and AutoCAD ~~~

For many years now, the CAD drafting software industry has been dominated by the a single piece of outstanding software: AutoCAD.

AutoCAD is a CAD platform designed by Autodesk, Inc, and arguably the most-used (and most respected) program of its kind. AutoCAD is used to make a computer draw two and three-dimensional technical drawings such as those used in building construction and product manufacturing.

AutoCAD has been steadily evolving over the years to be seamlessly compatible with the rest of the software universe. For instance, in its latest version, drafting team members scattered over the globe can collaborate effortlessly over the Internet.

~~~ AutoCAD and Competition ~~~

In the domain of 2D and 3D drafting, AutoCAD is miles ahead of any competition. Rival programs have less than 50% of its drafting commands. Most importantly, competing platforms hang when file size exceeds a few megabytes, often corrupting the data file in the process.

For many years, Autodesk exploited the technical superiority of AutoCAD by charging in excess of $3,000 for a single-seat license. The product was so good that users are known to have taken bank loans to purchase sufficient licenses.

~~~ Recent Events ~~~

Strange things have happened recently:

(1) Autodesk purchased Alias, a company specialized in, among other things, high-end animation software, ‘Maya’ being its flagship platform in that area

(2) Autodesk crashed the price of AutoCAD by EIGHTY PERCENT in Asia

(3) AutoCAD has begun downplaying AutoCAD 2D usage in its press releases

~~~ What do These Events Foretell? ~~~

We strongly believe that AutoCAD will lower the priority of its 2D CAD drafting software development. Instead, it will devote more resources to animation software development.

Animation is used by two main market segments: their existing architectural/engineering customer base and the media/entertainment segment.

Our intuition tells us that Autodesk has got the heady scent of cash wafting in from the future, and that the source of the fragrance is the second segment: media/entertainment.

The potential profits from this area are likely to be several times those from the first segment and Autodesk will, in effect, soon be moving from downtown San Francisco to a premium spot in heaven.

~~~ What Does This Imply For the Cad Drafting Marketplace? ~~~

Expect Autodesk to be less and less interested in 2D drafting and to at one point make its sophisticated 2D drafting application, AutoCAD-LT… AVAILABLE FOR FREE.

Painting Services That Will Take Your Breath Away

Painting brings to mind Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, Vincent van Gogh and Pablo Picasso, Raja Ravi Varma; legendary artists who are household names all over the world. Painting is both an art and a craft, and as a craft, a professional painting service can transform your property from the mundane to the amazing.

The Colour of Your Home:

Expert painting services offer you an opportunity to see the future. A professional team will visit your home and take digital images during daylight hours and under artificial lights.

Your selected colours will be an input in the virtual image and you will be able to preview what your home will look like in its planned avatar. Selection of the colour is intrinsically linked to shades.

The colour blue will exist on the shade card of a reputed company but you will also find air force blue, aero blue, aquamarine, azure, alice blue, air superiority blue, azure mist and many more. The digital images of shades and hues on screen give you a real life feel.

Advisory Services:

The service will also include recommendations for the type of paint – oil bound distemper, emulsion or acrylic, the finish – smooth or matte, the need for application of a primer, the number of coats to be applied, the gloss level, the patterns and synthesis of colours across rooms, and the fusion of the wall colours with the colours of your drapes, and those selected for your door and window frames, window grills and other wooden and metallic surfaces.


At every stage of the consulting and discussion process, you will be kept apprised of the budgetary implications. A professional painting service will ensure that the coat is cut according to the cloth available. Your walls, ceilings, etc. will be measured by professionals, in your presence and a written quotation will be supplied. Painting services use only branded paints that are environmentally and eco-friendly bereft of hazardous odours and acidic content.

In Residence Painting:

Moving of furniture, knick-knacks, white goods, entertainment equipment, and duly covering them with thick plastic sheets to protect against damage while shifting and from dust and dripping paint will be a part of the contract.


Painting is a disturbance to a set life pattern and, therefore, speed in execution of the work is a critical factor. Top notch painting services deploy seasoned painters with mechanised tools that save nearly 40% of time when measured against conventional methodologies. You can get back to enjoying your comforts faster and, that too, in a brand new, picture-postcard-perfect home.


The services will be supervised by an experienced professional who will ensure that flaking, undulations, cracks, seepages, fungal growth, et al are duly attended.


The latest technology and tools will be deployed – a moisture meter for measuring water content in the surfaces prior to commencement of work, and a gloss meter to measure light reflection after painting.

Clean Up:

A post contract clean-up is an integral part of the services. When the team departs from your property, it will look brand new. The final touch will be a walk through with you to satisfy you that every square centimetre of your home looks just beautiful.

Painting services will transform your home from commonplace to a place of heaven.

Wall Street, Not Main Street Is The Problem, But It’s All Short Term

It is hard to want to buy stocks when the short term trends seem so clearly negative. There is no doubt that the US economy is in a recession- the question is how deep and how long the slowdown will last. Anyone that follows technical analysis is bearish and the pessimism is everywhere. The media is in its heyday- recession, inflation, stagflation, technical bear market in most markets, and problems in the credit and lending arenas. However, even the most bearish experienced investors are asking “when to get in” not “when to get out”.

Wall Street has the problems- not Main Street. When polled, 84% of Americans say they are happy with their lives, and 95% of those eligible and willing to work have a job. Worldwide populations are growing and being rapidly introduced to the free markets, and their unlimited product opportunities. In essence, “Main Streets” are expanding around the world.

The money changers on Wall Street are a different story. Abundant liquidity led to the development of financial products that were appetizing to those looking for a “little extra yield”. Institutions were experiencing problems generating income, because interest rates had declined. This created serious problems for groups that were over exposed to fixed income while trying to run entities experiencing rising costs. Most of these loan packages were further re-packaged and then had derivatives written against them. Only when the problems began to surface, did their creators find out how illiquid they could become.

As history repeats itself, the “big” money is scooping up these “problems”, and will profit handsomely when things stabilize. The collateral on most of the development projects is sound. And while real estate has taken a hit, we must be careful to put things in perspective. Currently 95% of all mortgages are current within 30 days. Foreclosures, while reportedly “skyrocketing up 40%”, are still below 3% nationally. Much of the collateral for these investments remain solid today. The problem with the sub-prime loans is not the defaults occurring, but the liquidity of the products themselves. Once this is resolved- and it will be, growth will resume not only across America, but all over the world.

It is no doubt that Wall Street and the banking industry have taken a tremendous hit that will have a short term effect on the economy- but growth in almost every other area continues unabated. What is missing now is the “wealth effect” domestically. People can no longer refinance cash back loans to over indulge beyond their means. In fact, families are scaling back and pulling in their spending. So yes- business cycles have not disappeared and neither have recessions or bear markets.

If we are expecting, or experiencing, a bear market and a recession – how can I be so bullish? There are two reasons. First, equity prices are already down 15-30% off their highs, depending on which sector or individual company you are looking at. I believe we will see the recession end up being post dated back to the last quarter of 2007 and the bear market to have begun at the October 2007 highs. We are already through much of the damage. The Fed has already announced the measures that they need to take to resolve the credit issues overhanging the markets.

My second reason for being bullish (I hinted at it earlier in this article) is more important, based on its long term economic impact. International global build-out is clearly occurring. While the huge population of self indulgent domestic baby boomers, and marketers alike, have changed the supply and demand equations, advances in communication and the internet, are introducing the free market economy to the entire world. The result is what I call “The Inter-Boomer Generation”. Everyone from everywhere desires a higher standard of living that they can see being enjoyed in developed countries, and it’s becoming easier for people around the world to access these goods and services via the internet. The growth in the size of the capital markets over the next decades is being ignored by today’s investors thinking short term.

I will leave the dramatic “entertainment commentary” to others. They can waste their time trying to answer the questions: Are we in a bull or bear market? Recession? How deep will it be? I am contacted almost daily by the media to answer these questions, and I politely do, because this is their focus right now. But my real attention is on the companies with the good ideas and the good management that continue to generate what I call “Free Earnings”- accelerating cash flow while trading at a discount. Our Magnet System is finding an abundance of them like it always does, in good times and bad. In the meantime, the free market will continue to spread, Wall Street will find a cure for the current liquidity crisis, and an even greater number of investors will bid the markets significantly higher over time.

Tear Down The Expense Wall!

Every small business owner faces the same issue – managing their expenses. While most small businesses keep a keen eye on growing the top line – revenues – many small businesses fail to address their expense line items on an ongoing basis. Granted, once the business started, all line item expenses were carefully reviewed. But, now that your company is established, when is the last time you went line-by-line on your P & L to see if you can pare expense cost from your organization?

All too often, business owners become complacent with their run-rates on expenses. After all, it is a lot of work to change banks, for instance, in order to reduce banking fees. But, there are some real hidden savings in everyone’s P & L that may be able to move additional dollars to the bottom line. I think we can all agree, we as business owners would rather have the dollars ourselves than to blindly pay dollars to an Internet or phone company.

Establish a habit of reviewing each line item on your P & L a minimum of once annually. I use the trigger points for filing my taxes as my reminder that it is time to tear my P & L apart. Even if I can only shave a couple hundred bucks off my expense line monthly, this exercise forces me to review my business on an ongoing basis. While a hundred dollar savings may not seem like much (or maybe it does!), it all adds up and keeps the money where it should – in your pocket!

Here are some of the key expense line items that I make sure I review every year:

Health Insurance: This one is a complete non-brainer. The changes that have taken place over the last few years with the passing of the Affordable Health Care Act as well as the changes that are forthcoming, mandates that you look (and shop) your healthcare every year. This is a non-give or you will end up paying through the nose without ongoing monitoring of costs. What lies in store over the next few years with regard to healthcare costs is anyone’s guess but don’t be surprised if your costs accelerate significantly. Failing to monitor healthcare costs on a frequent basis (perhaps 2X/year) could end up eroded all of your profits from the business. The dollars here can be significant numbering in the hundreds per month.

Telephone Expense: The telephone industry is an extremely competitive space and plans are continually being modified. While most phone companies (cellular) require two-year commitments, plans can change significantly over the course of those two years, and you should be prepared to switch based on your actual usage of your plan. If you have many rollover minutes, it is time to reduce your allocation plan – thus lowering your costs. Find the plan that fits your actual use and you may be able to knock $20 to $50 a month off your expense line without sacrificing service.

Internet/Cable/Data Expense: Cable companies and Internet providers are notorious for offering “teaser deals” to get you to commit to their services. Generally, these last six months to a year and if left unchecked, can significantly increase your expense line at the end of the promotional time period. Many business owners load up on all the “extras” during these promo periods yet never actually use all that they have committed to. This is a good time to pare down the services and only pay for the ones that you need.

Professional Services: Most small businesses have to tap outside professional services throughout the year. These can range from attorneys to CPA’s to bookkeepers and so on. Regularly monitoring the professional fees line can help shave dollars off your expenses. You may have needed some of those services early on, but perhaps there are some that you can minimize or even put out to bid. While most outside professional resources are selected on both price and trust, it never hurts to keep these resources honest from a pricing perspective.

Utilities: Much like your phone and Internet bill, some common sense cost-savings in utility expense can be easily implemented. Knocking a few degrees off your heat, adding light sensors that turn the lights of in unused offices and following other general cost-savings techniques help to shave unnecessary expense. While this is an area that is hard to gain any negotiated cost-savings, getting by with less usage can save a dollar or two.

Rent/Leases: One of the smartest decisions I made when I started my business was to minimumize the need to have to rent an office. For service providing companies, carving out a dedicated space within your house can save a significant amount of cash each month. One has to be disciplined to work from their house, and if you can pull this off, the break-even of your business can plummet. For those businesses that occupy commercial space, opening up a dialogue on rent reduction with your landlord or equipment provider is a prudent way of letting them know you are on top of it and are shopping.

Travel & Entertainment: Lastly, managing a widely variable expense line item like T & E can pay off handsomely. Technology continues to advance and the pipe dream of video conferences has now become a reality. While I can appreciate the need for “face time” with a client or customer, you may be able to augment your meetings with video conferencing via Skype or others. You may be able to shave off ten to twenty percent from your travel budget, without sacrificing the benefits of in-person meetings.

The bottom line is that the hard-earned dollars you make on the revenue side, should be highly protected by you in the form of expense reduction. You are in business to earn money for one person – you! The hard work you achieve should be your reward, not the reward of a service provider or vendor. Build this expense monitoring discipline into your business annually and you will always ensure that dollars that are earmarked for your business, stay with you.

Can’t Get No (Total Entertainment) Satisfaction

Now that the flat panel TV drug is readily available over-the-counter at virtually all mass retailers, its “hang me on the wall” design and confusing HD connectivity has more and more consumers desperately seeking total entertainment satisfaction. Flat panel TV has driven the CE industry for the past eight years with solid growth in high ticket, high margin sales, but no more. According to the CEA, it’s not just about exciting products, it’s about the total entertainment experience and consumers aren’t getting it. And it’s not looking like it’s going to get better any time soon. Stories permeate the media of a national CE chain laying off 3,200 of their best salespeople, a national CE specialty retailer closing a third of their stores and the leading warehouse clubs instituting “home installation” not as a customer service, but to reduce the financial impact of massive returns. How about the in-home service division of a national CE chain being sued for taping a client in the shower? The bar for just meeting customer expectations is at such a low point that you can almost trip over it.

But it’s far from a slam dunk. You must truly exceed your client’s expectations in their total entertainment needs – not just in their purchase and installation experiences, but in their satisfaction of ongoing ownership. Here’s a list from the CEPro list of CI disciplines you need to be prepared to offer in providing the total entertainment satisfaction to your clients:

Audio (sources, speakers, processors or multi-room distribution components
Video (sources, monitors, projectors, screens, DBS or multi-room distribution components)
Whole-house automation/integration
PC networks/broadband installation
Security systems (alarms, integrated fire, access control or CCTV)
Telecommunications systems
Lighting controls/window covering controls
Structured wiring systems
Other (central vacuum, surge protection, irrigation control, spa controls, mounts etc)

Knowing this rapidly emerging integrated customer solution is composed of a complexity of brands, disciplines & technologies, it’s critical you partner with manufacturers and distributors that are interested in more than just selling your gear. You need help in understanding the products, learning the latest integration techniques, access to timely technical support and professional marketing materials to communicate with your current and potential clients. So how do you stand out in the crowd and get noticed? Well, it’s not about your volume and it’s not about buying direct. Surprised? After 17 years on the manufacturer side of the business, here’s my take on why I believe neither matters in getting your God-given share of resources.

This exponentially increasing market reality of consumer frustration is presenting a significant challenge for manufacturers who are actually concerned about their brand image and not just focused on driving their volume. Their strategists are worried that over time the consumer will tie their dissatisfaction to the brand and product, or possibly the entire category, not the long ago disappointing shopping experience that created the ownership cancer in the first place. Just as recent celebrity debacles have demonstrated, opinions on the Internet have the instantaneous power to create deep damage to a long nurtured image that used to be easily repaired by PR spin-doctors and clever marketing. Vendors urgently need to build an accessible base of dealers/integrators/ installers who interface directly with the end user and who are systematically creating positive consumer experiences by proactively up-selling – not clerking – their unique, valued-added products in useable, satisfying, integrated total entertainment solutions. They desperately need to know what the drivers of fulfillment are with their most satisfied customers so they can add some of that “magic” to their marketing messages as well as have the ammunition readily available to counter blogs and postings of frustrated consumers. You’d think this would be easy, but it’s not. Manufacturers have so constrained their budgets that the majority of their resources must be focused on keeping the revenue flowing from their distributors and base of direct accounts (that they’re shrinking because they can’t afford the business expense).

So how do you become that influential voice among the many? Who do you seek out to make the key connection? What do you say? How do you say it?

Here’s how you prepare:

Make a commitment to the manufacturer or distributor; concentrate your loyalty to a select few. Plus don’t just cherry pick, represent the line or assortment with a mix of products that requires sales expertise as well as with the required commodities, and of course as many of the add-ons as possible
Put together a “pitch package” consisting of an overview of your work, copies of your project documentation, the disciplines you specialize in, customer testimonials, partners you work with, etc. Saying it is one thing, seeing it is another.
Know your market and your customers. Be prepared to communicate your tips and tricks for securing new customers, selling more to existing clients and building referrals. How are you selling them? What are they asking for? What are they not aware of? How are you delivering the total solution? How do you manage your relationships?
Spot trends with the consumers, builders, architects, designers and sub-contractors. What is driving their decision making? How are you succeeding with them? Are they reacting to the market forces or leading the market? Are there influencers that can impact other markets or professionals in their area of expertise?
Deliver real insight on their products, especially new products, and competitor’s products, not just complaining about what it should have or should do.We all need to sell what’s available until the Holy Grail presents itself.
Stop complaining about the mass retailers and other competitors in the marketplace, nobody likes a whiner.There’s more than enough business out there for the ambitious.

Here’s how you engage:

Network! Get out there and meet the manufacturers,manufacturer’s reps and distributor personnel.You’ll know who you should align with based on how they treat you. The great ones are networking too; always open to creating new relationships and learning new things. If they’re just interested in your money, move on. You build relationships based on a partnership in resource.
Make a point of meeting people whose sales you effect at every opportunity. As I said before, it’s not all about your volume; the goal is to be a memorable resource.
Build relationships with your local rep and distributor sales team. They know when the vendor representatives are coming to town. Trainings, vendor days, counter days, field dealer visits, road shows or maybe just to walk your job site! Get in the loop; your key local contacts want to make a good impression too!
Attend trade shows as they offer an excellent opportunity to not only connect with your sales contacts, but to meet the people behind the scenes: product managers, marketing & sales support personnel plus other key inside contacts that can not only provide information, but access to the key decision makers.
Don’t forget the trade press, they have lots of space to fill and are always looking for stories about David succeeding in the shadow of Goliath.

In the emerging new economy the customer is in charge.

And with that the power is transitioning to the front line professionals who have credible customer relationships by delivering scalable, repeatable success in total entertainment satisfaction.

It’s not always about the gear

Bill Johannesen, Managing Director, Vision Werks Consulting, LLC

Bill’s 28 year CE experience encompasses virtually every facet of the industry; from manufacturer to retailer, mass market to custom, category creation to market leadership. He’s a tough times operator skilled in cultivating deep relationships, structuring disciplined execution, coaching high performance teams, entering markets with game changing products/services and operating at the intersection of business and technology. Vision Werks creates tailored, integrated sales & marketing solutions for valued-added consumer product manufacturers, their resellers and channel partners in the CE/CI, appliance and automotive aftermarket industries.

The Greatest Undertaking – Great Wall of China

China’s instantly recognizable iconic landmark that was once thought to be visible from space, is now known to be visible from low earth orbit on very clear days. First built in the 5th century, the Great Wall is a series of rock and earthen fortifications that wound its way over deserts, mountains and grasslands which was built several times over and maintained till the 16th century. Although most parts of the wall have disappeared the existing parts still inspire wonder in everyone who visits it. The length of the wall which was a subject of much debate has been fixed at 8,851.8 km, comprising of actual wall, trenches and natural barriers after a very precise survey.

The Great Wall is a ‘must see’ on every visitor’s itinerary, especially visitors to Beijing. However since only parts of the wall can be visited, it can be quite tricky to choose an ideal place to visit. The most visited sections of the wall are around Beijing and sadly they are 20th century restorations of the wall that was built in the 16th century during the Ming Dynasty and not parts of the original 5th century wall. The wall around Beijing is divided into formal, informal and wild sections. The formal areas are public ready with cable cars and other visitor friendly features and are bursting with visitors on most days. The informal parts of the wall are open to hikers and are the bits where only limited repairs have been carried out. The wild parts are the crumbling, overgrown bits where no renovations have been carried out and visitors are not encouraged here in order to preserve these original bits and also for safety reasons. There are several formal and informal sections of the wall around Beijing that are identified by their geographic location or other factors for promotional purposes. Visitors can see these sections depending on the time they can spare and how they want to see it, whether surrounded by lush countryside as far as the eye can see or just a quick glimpse braving the crowds, hiking parts of the wall, a place with no crowds or even sleeping out on the wall. Anything is possible.

While only parts of the wall near tourist centres have received a makeover most parts of the wall are in a state of disrepair and are being used as village playgrounds, sources of building material and even have houses built on them. Parts of the wall have been obliterated to make way for new construction. Parts constructed in mud have been subjected to severe erosion and will disappear altogether. The square watch towers that give the wall its characteristic look have totally disappeared in most areas. Whatever the future of the wall, the renovated bits gives an idea of what it may have been like and what a mighty undertaking it was.

Located in a chic specially designed enclave in Shanghai around smart clubs, shops, historic sites, restaurants and entertainment areas The Langham Xintiandi Shanghai offers a superb collection of well designed modern rooms and suites that are most certainly some of the best hotel rooms in Shanghai. An array of guest services that include eclectic dining options, state of the art fitness centre and relaxing spa treatments is complemented by friendly and efficient service that is the hallmark of this Shanghai luxury hotel.

Pushpitha Wijesinghe is an experienced independent freelance writer. He specializes in providing a wide variety of content and articles related to the travel hospitality industry.

Getting Started With Dish Network Satellite Service Is Easy

Signing up for satellite TV service with Dish TV means joining thousands of satisfied customers who enjoy the best value, variety of programming, and customer service. To see why Dish Network has so many satisfied customers we need to take a look at all of the great features that come with a subscription to this service.

The programming selection with Dish Network simply can’t be beat. The value oriented DishFamily package has 40 channels including great entertainment from TV Land and Hallmark Movie as well as education from Animal Planet and Discovery Kids. The entry level America’s Top 60 Entertainment Package comes with 60 great channels including Home & Garden TV, the ABC Family Channel, Country Music Television, the Disney Channel, NASA, Nick at Nite, Spike TV, the Weather Channel, and more. America’s Top 120 Entertainment package includes everything from America’s Top 60, but adds 60 more channels including Cartoon Network, BBC America, MSNBC, Univision, WGN, and FX. America’s Top 180 Entertainment Package includes everything from 60 and 120, but brings the total up to 180 channels with Movie Channel Extra, VH1 Classic, National Geographic, SoapNet, Style, Reality TV, The Biography Channel, The Golf Channel, 4 Discovery Channels, 8 Encore movie channels, and more.

If that still doesn’t meet your TV needs you can subscribe to Dish Network’s America’s Everything Pak which is essentially America’s Top 180 Entertainment Package with the addition of 4 movie packages: Cinemax, HBO, Showtime Unlimited, and the Starz Super Pak. The Cinemax Package consists of 5 Star Max, Action Max, Cinemax (east and west), and MoreMAX. HBO has 8 variations including HB0, HB02, HB0 Comedy, HBO Family, HBO Latino, and HBO Signature. Showtime Unlimited includes FLIX, The Movie Channel Extra, Show Too, and 6 varieties of Showtime. The Starz Super Pak includes Encore and 7 variations on Starz.

If you want to expand your repertoire of programming beyond those in English, chances are that DishTV has the package for you. A variety of Spanish language packages are available including mixtures channels in Spanish and English. Great Wall TV can bring you programming in Chinese. DishTV Programming is also available in a variety of other languages including Japanese, Polish, Arabic Korean, Armenian, French, German, Hebrew, and others.

Dish TV also provides the technology you need to enjoy all of this great programming. Each Dish Network satellite receiver comes with an Electronic Program Guide which shows you what’s on television up to 9 days in the future (depending on the model). It gives you plot information, rating, and year made. It can also let you set up lists of your favorite channels so you can find what you want to watch fast without going through all of the channels that other people in your household with different tastes also like to watch. The Electronic Program Guide also lets you control what kinds of programming your children have access to with parental control locks that can block out programming based on MPAA rating, individual program, or even entire channel.

Dish Network [] can also help you build a more extensive home theater system to let you get the most out of your TV experience. Digital Video Recording lets you record all of your favorite programs to watch at your leisure without video tapes and the complicated programming hassles of the now obsolete VCR. DishTV can also provide you with HDTV equipment and programming so you can have the future of television in your home now.

This is the end of your search for the best home entertainment. With great programming choices and the most advanced technology, there’s never been a better time to sign up for Dish TV . Start now. Switch to the best.

Satellite TV Service – A Short Look at the Details

What is satellite TV service? Is that a question that is on your mind? Here is an answer for you. Between cable TV and satellite TV, satellite offers ease of installation as compared to cable. Cable TV needs technicians to install coaxial cables directly to your home. This installation may take a few hours but they still require a lot of labor. With satellite TV service, the equipment is portable and it needs roughly an hour of installation.

Satellite TV equipment is basically only three components: a satellite dish, a receiver box, and a remote control. The external dish is mounted on the roof or any place out of doors of your home. The receiver box is connected to the TV set and finally, the remote control allows the user to select a channel. Sometimes mounting the external dish may take longer depending on circumstances such as wind and rain, hard to drill walls, and reception strength. It is possible to see dishes on top of trees or poles.

Why do we need this equipment? The satellite in space transmits the programs. The beam is like a big footprint over the earth but the signal can only be decoded by the receiver. Since the signal comes from space, the signal is weak. Hence, the dish serves as an amplifier of the satellite signal. The receiver box does the decoding of the signal, and then images are projected on TV.

Most satellite providers are clever these days. They have also included a smart card in the receiver box to only allow customers to view the packages they have signed up for. This is one way to ensure that there are no freebies for using their services. The smart card is one way to prevent people from abusing their subscription.

With further advancement in technology, there is now the option for High Definition Television or HDTV. This means the programs are broadcast in higher resolution than the normal traditional television signals. These images look 3D, so real and lifelike. This offers more enjoyment to users and is the new trend in entertainment. Subscription is comparably higher than standard satellite TV. But standard satellite TV dishes and receivers cannot be used for HDTV. A new set of equipment is needed.

For HDTV, there are four things required; an HDTV-ready television set, an HDTV-compatible satellite dish, receiver, and remote, an HDTV broadcast and an HDTV subscription from a satellite HDTV service provider.

An HDTV-ready television costs more and comes in several modes. A normal standalone HDTV set or a set integrated with a receiver. The latter is of course, more costly.

After learning about satellite TV service, it’s a good time now to look at the subscription rates and do a comparison for the best offer in the market today. There are only two major players in the market but don’t forget about local channel programming. It’s nice to know what is happening in the local scene and ask for this option before signing up.